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Most of you will proberly know these, idc
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Author Post
Wed Jan 13 2010, 06:55am
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Joined: Tue Oct 20 2009, 07:57pm
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This is a little guide to help everyone with stuff(Promod, scoreboard fun, etc)

Here we go:

**THIS IS FOR PROMODLIVE** (You can set these to whatever weapon you want and bind key)

bind 7 "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_secondary:deserteagle;NEXT^6_^7ROUND;^6deagle"
bind 8 "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_secondary:deserteaglegold;NEXT^6_^7ROUND;^6gdeagle"

bind 5 "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_primary:ak74u;NEXT^6_^7ROUND;^6ak74u"
bind 6 "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_primary:mp5;NEXT^6_^7ROUND;^6mp5"

bind 5 "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_primary:m40a3;NEXT^6_^7ROUND;^6m40a3"
bind 6 "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_primary:remington700;NEXT^6_^7ROUND;^6r700"

bind 5 "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_primary:ak47;NEXT^6_^7ROUND;^6ak47"
bind 6 "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_primary:m4;NEXT^6_^7ROUND;^6m4"

bind 9 "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_grenade:flash_grenade;NEXT^6_^7ROUND;^6FLASH"
bind 0 "openscriptmenu -1 loadout_grenade:smoke_grenade;NEXT^6_^7ROUND;^6SMOKE"

Here are some quick FYI's you should know.

- You cant change weapon from scope to assault with those binds, you can change just weapon in same class ... its cos of new promod menus :/.

I don't use this, but if you wanted to know, here you go.

seta cg_debugInfoCornerOffset "x x"

"57 464" - for right corner position

TARGET ICON - smaller DEFEND/BOMB icon. The lower the number, the smaller the icon. I use 1 which is TINY. On my screen, I barely can see the indicator. You can set it at a higher number to make bigger, or smaller to make smaller.

seta waypointiconwidth "1"
seta waypointiconheight "1"

FLASHBANG INDICATOR - simply flash indicator like frag-grenade has. I use this and it has helped avoid flashes before.

seta cg_hudGrenadeIconEnabledFlash "1"


seta compassFriendlyHeight "10"
seta compassFriendlyWidth "10"

Smaller friends/opponents icon on your compass - it improves your orientation


Call of Duty 4 colors are represented in a Red/Green/Blue/Alpha format. That means that a number -> 1 0 0 0 gives us "RED" , -> 0 1 0 0 gives us "GREEN", -> 0 0 1 0 is "BLUE" and the alpha value is the transparency.

There are lots of variations. Here are some simple ones. Discover different ones by trying dif combos. Values for RGBA have to be between 0-1

Red: 1 0 0 0
Green: 0 1 0 0
Pink: 1 0 1 1
Blue: 0 0 1 0
Black: 0 0 0 0
Yellow: 1 1 0 1
Light Blue: 0 1 1 0
You can do mostly any color(even tertiary and beyond) by figuring out its combination.


My console is currently set to blue. This is my current console config(My console is blue)
seta con_inputBoxColor "0.15 0.2 0.4 0.7"
seta con_inputHintBoxColor "0.15 0.2 0.4 0.7"
seta con_outputBarColor "1 1 0.95 0.6"
seta con_outputSliderColor "0.15 0.15 0.1 0.6"
seta con_outputWindowColor "0.15 0.2 0.3 0.7"

Here are the commands below to edit in your config(or put in if not there)

seta con_inputBoxColor "R G B A"
seta con_inputHintBoxColor "R G B A"
seta con_outputBarColor "R G B A"
seta con_outputSliderColor "R G B A"
seta con_outputWindowColor "R G B A"


**NOTE** You may need to put these directly in your config. They might not always auto save themselves.

seta cg_scoreboardBannerHeight "x" - height of teamicons
seta cg_scoreboardFont "x" - font used in scoreboard
seta cg_scoreboardHeaderFontScale "x" - fontscale in header of scoreboard
seta cg_scoreboardHeight "x" - height of scoreboard
seta cg_scoreboardItemHeight "x" - height of items in scoreboard
seta cg_scoreboardScrollStep "x" - number of steps of scrolling
seta cg_scoreboardWidth "400" - width of scoreboard
seta cg_scoreboardMyColor "R G B A" - The color of your name on the scoreboard
seta cg_scoreboardPingGraph "1/0" - pingraph ON/OFF
seta cg_scoreboardPingText "1/0" - ping showed like text ON/OFF
seta cg_ScoresPing_BgColor "R G B A" - background of pinggraph
seta cg_ScoresPing_HighColor "R G B A" - highping color of pinggraph
seta cg_ScoresPing_LowColor "R G B A" - lowping color of pinggraph
seta cg_ScoresPing_MedColor "R G B A" - medping color of pinggraph
seta cg_ScoresPing_MaxBars "2-10" - maximum bars of pinggraph

::team colors/names::

There is ONE problem with these. These commands reset themselves after a few seconds. To prevent this, you use a bind. The only ones worth binding are the score color ones for the main teams and I will show you below how to do it..

seta g_teamcolor_myteam "R G B A" << Changes the color of your teammates names above their head.
seta g_teamcolor_enemyteam "R G B A" << Changes the color of your enemies names above their head.
seta g_ScoresColor_Allies "R G B A" << Sets the color of the Allies team in scoreboard
seta g_ScoresColor_Axis "R G B A" << Sets the color of the Axisteam in scoreboard
seta g_TeamColor_Allies "R G B A" <seta g_TeamColor_Axis "R G B A" <seta g_ScoresColor_Spectator "R G B A" << Sets the color of the spectator team in scoreboard
seta g_TeamName_Axis "Defence" <seta g_TeamName_Allies "Attack" <
***BINDING THE commands. ***

The bind for it looks for example like this one:

bind TAB "+scores; g_scorescolor_allies R G B A; g_scorescolor_axis R G B A

^^^(I use the TAB one so when i check scores, it auto does colors every time)

or "W" like this:

bind W "+forward; g_teamcolor_myteam R G B A; g_Teamcolor_allies R G B A;
g_Teamcolor_axis R G B A"

^^(This one would be used to change peoples names above their head when your playing. pretty much, you start walking and it changes them).

There are different combinations you can do and you should play with them.

Example of my scoreboard:

IF U WANT NY CFG were iget 250 easy, 333 easy on non pb svrs, message me
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